Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Sugar Twin® products. 

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Sugar Twin is a no calorie sugar alternative used to replace anything that calls for sugar. Our products can be used in cooking, baking, sauces, and drinks to name a few.

Sugar Twin allows for a sweet taste without the worry of increasing your calorie intake. Our products are great alternatives for people that are not only reducing their calories, but for those who wish to keep their sugar intake down.

Want sweet without the worry of calorie counting? You got it! Sugar Twin has ZERO calories, but is still sweet as sugar. It’s the perfect sugar alternative.

Absolutely. Sugar Twin products are Kosher certified.

Sugar Twin products are sold in grocery stores across Canada.

In Canada, Sugar Twin varieties come in Sachets and Granulated Sweetener.

All maltodextrin listed in Sugar Twin products are derived from corn.